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Many of the images appearing throughout this web site are the work of one artist. Their work may be showcased for several weeks in a row. Recently Neeltje Prior-Bollen’s work was showcased - you can view her catalogue HERE Following Neeltje, we were please to show the works of Nicole Besack, and more recently those of Marie-Laure Valandro.

We are now delighted to present the art works of Iris Sullivan. Iris Sullivan is Australian born and now resides in the United States. You can read a little about Iris and her work on her web site: HERE

Hover the mouse over the image to show the title of the work. Click an image to see a larger size within an illumined screen.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Iris Sullivan’s works, please email her directly HERE  if you mention this web site Iris will donate 10% of your purchase to The Christian Community in New Zealand and Australia.

Art Showcase Welcome to The Christian Community’s 
Web Site for Australia & New Zealand! "Deeds Into Sacrifice" - Iris Sullivan 'Winter Bride'  - Iris Sullivan

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