Renewing Christianity

From time to time the development of our humanity requires a spirit of renewal. We can observe this in humanity’s history. We also know this in our own personal lives. This spirit of renewal helps enliven and strengthen our work, our sense of direction, and our lives. Just such a spirit of renewal set in motion the founding of The Christian Community in 1922.

The Christian Community recognises Christ’s deed of life and death as pivotal in bringing renewal to humanity’s history.He brought a new relationship between human beings on earth and the beings of the spiritual worlds. Through his indwelling in the sacraments, this revitalising impulse continues to be available to us individually and in community. Christ replenishes our life in sacramental community, which in turn offers us as individuals the opportunity to find and connect with his regenerating impulse in our own lives, in the life of the whole of humanity, and in the life of the entire earth.

Furthermore, The Christian Community recognises the Christian way to be a path of freedom. Fostering freeness and responsibility in the individual is seen as crucial in approaching a relationship with Christ Jesus’ deed and message. All who come will find a community striving to cultivate an environment of free inquiry in harmony with deep devotion.

There are approximately 350 independent Christian Community Congregations worldwide, with several congregations in North America. Services are also held through visits to affiliate congregations in several additional locations.

The Christian Community is a church centred around the seven sacraments in their renewed form. The text of our Creed, is a metamorphosis of the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds.