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Rev Cheryl Nekvapil
0458 124 088
Email:; &


ADDRESS: 3 Anzac Ridge Road, Bridgewater, South Australia.

POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 216, Bridgewater SA 5155


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Latest Updates


Dear Members and Friends of the Christian Community Adelaide,

We invite you to join us for a special Easter programme with visiting Priest, Darryl Coonan.
We especially welcome the inclusion of the Children’s Service and Easter Festival, which we have not been able to incorporate for some time.  If you know of any family who might like to join us please pass this notice onto them.
We held a successful Workbee recently in March and the Church is looking great. However, we have a number of maintenance issues and will send a letter out to you shortly advising of some financial needs around this. As Jenny Robertson, who has carried garden maintenance for a very long time, is retiring from this position, we plan to have three workbees each year to keep up with the garden mowing, weeding, as well as building maintenance,etc.  We thank Jenny and Frank for their great and generous contribution over the years.
SPECIAL NOTE: We are holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 3rd April and would appreciate whoever can join us for this as new committee members need to be elected and we need members of the Community to vote.
As we have so few on the committee, we are asking if several people could lead an occasional Devotional Circle Sunday as not all the committee can be there every time and we have had to cancel some at the last minute. If you could volunteer to be there occasionally (maybe once every 2 or 3 months), please let someone on the committee know. We are considering reducing the Devotional Circle to once per month, which will mean receiving Paul Corman’s sermon, once per month, instead of the current twice per month.
Also, we have a kind person who is picking Darryl up from the airport on Good Friday 2nd, thank you Helen. URGENT request: we now need someone to take Darryl to the airport on Sunday 4th afternoon sometime. Please let Bron or another committee member know if you can help out.
Also Darryl is available for consultations on Saturday afternoon

Planned priest visits:

Easter Saturday/Sunday 3rd/4th April

Ascension 15th/16th May

St John’s 26th/27th June


Saturday 3rd April      John 19: 16- 42
Meet by 9.45am to practise songs
10 am: The Act of Consecration of Man
11:00 Morning Tea
11:30 Priest Darryl Coonan Talk: “Revelations of the soul – what is anxiety saying to us?
12:30 Shared Lunch
Afterwards preparing the church for Easter – Come and join us!
1:30pm- 3.30pm Committee meeting
Saturday afternoon Darryl is available for Consultations 0447 881 957
Sunday 4th April         Mark 16: 1- 8
Meet by 9.45am to practise the songs
10 am:  The Act of Consecration of Man
11.15am: The Sunday Service for Children
11.30am: EASTER FESTIVAL for everyone and then an Easter Day brunch.  Bring food to share.

Sunday 11th April – Devotional Circle Cancelled

Sunday 25th April
10.00am-10.30am Devotional Circle
10.30am Morning Tea

Sunday 9th May – Devotional Circle Cancelled 
(Mother’s Day)

Saturday 15th May/Sunday 16th May – Priest visit
Saturday 15th May – Annual General Meeting

Sunday 23rd May
10.00am-10.30am Devotional Circle
10.30am-11am Morning Tea
11am-1pm Committee meeting

Sunday 13th June (needs someone to lead-please contact Bron)
10.00am-10.30am Devotional Circle
10.30am-11.00am Morning Tea 

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