Working in an unexpected Way

There’s a plum tree outside our kitchen window. I’ve been watching how buds are forming on the bare branches and know that soon they will burst into flower,

A Birthday Contemplation

In New Zealand we are preparing to mark the 21st anniversary of the founding of the four communities here at Michaelmas 1989. As good as it is to

Looking Up To The Night Sky

In the words of the Michaelmas epistle we hear of being led to higher divining.

Mundane divining (or divination) is a process that leads into the

Today is Michaelmas

Today is Michaelmas and the gospel reading is Matthew 22, The Wedding Banquet. Banquet, feast, shared dinner, being at table with family and friends, this is the setting

Inscribing the Earth

Our artist in congregation, Peter Stewart, can shape up a 7 circuit labyrinth in about an hour, with a little help from the rest of us. A

Necessary Freedom

The old argument still goes on – are we human beings living lives that are predestined, and thus predetermined, or are we quite free to

A Solid Read

Perhaps I’m an ‘over-reader’ – I’ve read more than is good for me. As a teenager I’d get through several books a week and so it continues


In the Canberra Times today there’s an article by Tom Reilly about the funeral service of Sandy and Steve Matthews who died in the recent floods


When the first Waldorf schools were founded in Germany there were a number of very inspired people working around Rudolf Steiner and his work of spiritual

Standing at Peace with the World

As we enter the coldest darkest part of the year many of us might be asking questions about the state of the world. Are the doomsday

Easter 2012

One of the interesting phenomena of our Time is that the word ‘Christ’ and any form of objective reality about what we call The Mystery of Golgotha

90 Years Young!

This year The Christian Community will complete ninety years of being visible and active on the Earth. The founding took place in Switzerland in September 1922.

The Blind Spot

Reflecting on the reading from Sunday 29th July — week 2 of our journey from St John’s Tide to Michaelmas

The plank or log in our own


Reflecting on the reading from Sunday 5th August — week 3 of our journey from St John’s Tide to Michaelmas

The first two

Healing Speech

These ten weeks between St John’s Tide and Michaelmas can be taken as a pilgrimage with the Way marked by the gospel readings for each week;  moving from the

Michael and the Dragon

In The Christian Community there are special prayers for each season known as the Epistles. These prayers are not the traditonal letters of the New Testament that

Reflections On The Longbeach Camp

Greetings to my fellow Happy Campers from Longbeach 2013,

I would like to share with you all my Golden Moment, as a way to express the part you played in my

Luke 17 5-24

There is an old saying that “When the pupil is ready the Master will appear”.
And then there is another saying that says “It’s interesting to see

A New Advent and Christmas

The Birth of the Light
Address given in Adelaide on the Eve of Advent 2015
We could call today the last day of the
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