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Rev. Hartmut Borries
Wk – (09) 525 2305

Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932


Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932

10 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill, Auckland.

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Rosser Thornley
Tel –  (07) 852 5662


CONTEMPLATION  Luke 10:  1 – 20
Before Christ chose His disciples, He spent a night in prayer.  Later He told them that they had not chosen Him, but that He had chosen them; First twelve, then seventy and today possibly anyone of us.  When He sent out the seventy, He told them how much work there was to be done, the laborers however, were only a few: “Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send laborers.”
Being sent out into the world to work for the kingdom of God, the disciples will be faced with much more than they can do.  Part of their spiritual work is therefore to pray and ask for help, so that others in heaven and on earth may join and support them.
There is also a second way of understanding Christ.  Being sent to work we need to always again pray for the renewal of our sending, for when we pray we use our own free will offering ourselves to the heavens.  We ask them to do their work through us.  By letting the heavens know that we want to work together with them, we set them free to do their work on earth.
Another gift of prayer is that we sharpen our own awareness.  We may even ask that today we shall have the presence of mind to realize when and how we are to do the work of God.  While more and more people all over the world are losing their work, the work that needs to be done for the kingdom of God increases rapidly.  May I today be able to open my heart and mind, to listen and perceive where I am truly needed.  Let me be your apostle, perhaps only for a few moments, in one meeting, wherever you need me in your vineyard today.
One morning I woke up much too early and turned around to continue sleeping.  For a moment I opened my eyes and looked out of the window at the full moon setting between the trees.  Just then, a thin veil of clouds was lit up by the brilliant white moon light, so that it was as if a huge comet with a big white tail had appeared between the trees.  I closed my eyes and opened them again.  The light in the cloud had faded and a little while later also the moon had disappeared behind the clouds.
What was the likelihood of me waking up at that moment, to turn around and open my eyes just then to see this spectacle appear in the sky?  That is what I am praying for, to awake and to open my eyes so that I may not miss the time and place where I am needed.  May I have the presence of mind to open myself for inspiration so that I may realize where, when and how I can work as an apostle of Christ today.


Latest Updates

Upcoming Program:

**DAYLIGHT SAVING STARTS this Sunday 27TH SEPTEMBER Don’t be late!**

  6.00pm FRIDAY – 2,00pm SUNDAY
SUNDAY:               10.00am THE ACT OF CONSECRATION OF MAN **
Daylight Savings time**
11.30am  Talk by Ulrich Doering:
‘Christ between Lucifer and Ahriman in Illness and Health’

Bookings essential.  Please email hartmutborries [at]

Dear Auckland Community,

It is wonderful that we can gather again this Sunday – although we must adhere to regulations and keep our numbers to a congregation of 10.  To ensure that all who are keen to attend can have a place, we will take bookings – firstly for 10am, and if there is need, we will then offer a service at 11.15.

Please email Cheryl to book your 10am place.

Upcoming Gospel Readings:

Sunday September 27     Luke 7:  11 – 17
Tuesday September 29   Matthew 22: 1 – 14
Sunday October 4            Matthew 22: 1 – 14
Sunday October 11          Ephesians 6: 10 – 20
Sunday October 18         Revelation 12:  1 – 12
Sunday October 25         Revelation 19:  11 – 16

The Act of Consecration of Man continues daily at 10am.
Thank you for accompanying us when and how you can.
This is one of our responses to the needs of  the earth, and all beings connected with her.

*  In classical theology a distinction is made between sacramental and spiritual communion –
(communio sacramentalis and communio spiritualis).  St. Francis of Sales wrote: “When you cannot actually participate in the Eucharist, then at least do it in your heart and spirit by uniting yourself in ardent longing with the life-giving body of the Saviour.”

Thank you for your financial support.  Because of your donations, our ongoing work in New Zealand can continue.

Please contact Rosser for our bank details or go on our mailing list (contact Cheryl)

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of your life is to give it away.’      Pablo Picasso

BEQUESTS to The Christian Community in your Will provides for ongoing development and life of The Christian Community into the future.
New Zealand is then able to maintain its buildings and the services of priests through endowments from members and friends who have provided for us in this way, from beyond the Threshold of earthly life.  We too can consider providing a legacy in our Will.        Thank you.

Regular Services:

Sundays and Wednesdays at 10am (limit of 10 attendees – please email Cheryl for a booking)

October Conference:

weekly talks at 1:30pm Sundays – more info below.


September 29

Michaelmas Sophia Online Conference

October 4 @ 11:30 am - October 25 @ 12:30 pm