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Rev. Hartmut Borries
Wk – (09) 525 2305

Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932


Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932

10 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill, Auckland.

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Rosser Thornley
Tel –  (07) 852 5662


“In your midst already stands one whom you do not know.” John.1:26
In our fragmented world, which more and more breaks apart into differences and oppositions, there is a open spot in the middle.  You might think of the middle between two extremes, but also of a place in each of us where we come to ourselves.  Now, most of the time this middle is hard to find because we live in such a torn world, and that tear most often runs right through us.
To find the middle you have to learn to walk a tightrope, keeping a balance between extremes, and step by step bridge the chasm of opposites.  And to learn to keep balance, you first have to find it in yourself, usually by trial and error.  The instrument we use in these efforts we call the I.  That is not the little, everyday ego, with which we constantly alternate between fight and flight, between recklessness and fear.  The world is full of egos, and all of them fight for first place.  The true I is only itself, no more and no less.
Only after we have died does the I show itself in its true essence—as one single tone in the world symphony, the harmony of the cosmos.  Then only do we discover: I am that—and without me the world symphony would not be complete.  But during our life we can already practice trying to catch a glimpse of this true I and enable it to manifest as a reflection in our work.  I do this by asking with everything I think or do: Lord, what is Your will that I do?
“In your midst already stands one whom you do not know.”
Get to know Him by listening to the still voice of conscience, in which Christ is speaking.

Bastiaan Baan.   July 2021

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Latest Updates

Dear Auckland Community,

We are again able to hold The Act of Consecration of Man with community present.  If you are not attending in person, you may like instead at 10 am to:
– Light a Candle
– Read the Gospel
– Read the Creed
– Pray the Lord’s Prayer
– Read the contemplation
– Allow time for silent reflection

Upcoming Program:

10.00 am   Communion Service: THE ACT OF CONSECRATION OF MAN
11.30 am    Gospel Study:   The Book of Revelation

10.00 am   Communion Service: THE ACT OF CONSECRATION OF MAN
11.30 am    ‘The Sermon on the Mount: Along the Path of Practice’



Hastings: Retreat 10-12 Sept

September 10 @ 18:00 - September 12 @ 12:30