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Rev. Hartmut Borries
Wk – (09) 525 2305

Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932


Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932

10 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill, Auckland.

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Rosser Thornley
Tel –  (07) 852 5662



How do we hear and understand this Michaelic message from Paul ?
Is it s a battle cry ? A call to arms ?
Paul calls us to ‘armour up,’ to put on protection. Not protection like chain mail, protection as a chrysalis.
During its stage of complete transformation, the delicate and fragile chrysalis is the outer layer necessary to protect the work of becoming within, so a butterfly can emerge.

The armour of God for us is the same. Spiritual attack from outside calls for total transformation within.
We are protected when we put on the breastplate of the higher life so we may spread the angels message of peace. Christ’s presence elevates our heart’s vision to beyond the realm of thrust and parry. This armour is our strength and protection as we stand in the face of adversity. We must be strong enough to see the adversary, all the while having the courage to be touched not injured, moved not overbalanced, enthused not enraged.

This armour of God protects our inmost being as we learn to respond in new ways, informed by the light of spirit vision.
Truth, faith, spirit strength are the weaponry of peace.
With these we stand at peace with the world, with Him who is the light on the way to our becoming.
With Him who is the meaning of the earth.

With warmest Michaelic greetings

Latest Updates

Upcoming Program:THIS SUNDAY, 18th OCTOBER

                               MICHAELMAS CONFERENCE

10.00              The Act of Consecration of Man
11.00               Morning tea

11.30                 Reading and discussion of ‘Mary and Sophia’
by Michael Debus
Followed by lunch – please bring food to share

1.30-2.30         Third Live Streaming of Michaelmas Conference –
‘THE HEAVENLY SOPHIA’ presented live by Cheryl
at The Christian Community, Auckland
3.00-3.30        Live question and answer session
If you have not had the chance to book in through Melbourne, or you prefer not to participate online, you are very welcome to be with us at the church.   Donations for the National Fund will be gratefully received on the day

Upcoming Gospel Readings:

Sunday October 18         Revelation 12:  1 – 12
Sunday October 25         Revelation 19:  11 – 16
Sunday November 1       Revelation 5:  1 – 14
Sunday November 8       Revelation 13:  1 – 10
Sunday November 15     Revelation  21: 1 – 7
Sunday November 22     Revelation 22:  1 – 16

The Act of Consecration of Man continues daily at 10am.
Thank you for accompanying us when and how you can.
This is one of our responses to the needs of humanity during this time, our earth and all beings connected with her.

*  In classical theology a distinction is made between sacramental and spiritual communion –
(communio sacramentalis and communio spiritualis).  St. Francis of Sales wrote: “When you cannot actually participate in the Eucharist, then at least do it in your heart and spirit by uniting yourself in ardent longing with the life-giving body of the Saviour.”

Thank you for your financial support.  Because of your donations, our ongoing work in New Zealand can continue.

Please contact Rosser for our bank details or go on our mailing list (contact Cheryl)

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of your life is to give it away.’      Pablo Picasso

BEQUESTS to The Christian Community in your Will provides for ongoing development and life of The Christian Community into the future.
New Zealand is then able to maintain its buildings and the services of priests through endowments from members and friends who have provided for us in this way, from beyond the Threshold of earthly life.  We too can consider providing a legacy in our Will.        Thank you.

Regular Services:

Sundays and Wednesdays at 10am (limit of 10 attendees – please email Cheryl for a booking)

October Conference:

weekly talks at 1:30pm Sundays – more info below.

Michaelmas Sophia Online Conference

October 4 @ 11:30 am - October 25 @ 12:30 pm

Online conference week 4

October 25 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

NZ: Summer camp

January 6, 2021 - January 10, 2021