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Working in an unexpected Way

There’s a plum tree outside our kitchen window. I’ve been watching how buds are forming on the bare branches and

Working in an unexpected Way2018-11-03T12:34:58+11:00

A Birthday Contemplation

In New Zealand we are preparing to mark the 21st anniversary of the founding of the four communities here at

A Birthday Contemplation2018-11-03T12:34:14+11:00

Looking Up To The Night Sky

In the words of the Michaelmas epistle we hear of being led to higher divining.

Mundane divining (or

Looking Up To The Night Sky2018-11-03T12:30:24+11:00

Thoughts Towards Michaelmas

Is Christianity really monotheistic?

What is the true nature of the threefold aspect of the Trinity? Three persons in

Thoughts Towards Michaelmas2018-11-03T12:29:51+11:00

Today is Michaelmas

Today is Michaelmas and the gospel reading is Matthew 22, The Wedding Banquet. Banquet, feast, shared dinner, being at table

Today is Michaelmas2018-11-03T12:28:58+11:00

Inscribing the Earth

Our artist in congregation, Peter Stewart, can shape up a 7 circuit labyrinth in about an hour, with a

Inscribing the Earth2018-11-03T12:27:27+11:00

“The Great Dragon Was Hurled Down”

During our October-Michaelmas gospel readings we hear about the dragon – the ancient serpent, who has been

“The Great Dragon Was Hurled Down”2018-11-03T12:26:36+11:00

Necessary Freedom

The old argument still goes on – are we human beings living lives that are predestined, and

Necessary Freedom2020-09-12T04:43:28+10:00

A Solid Read

Perhaps I’m an ‘over-reader’ – I’ve read more than is good for me. As a teenager I’d get through

A Solid Read2018-11-03T12:25:33+11:00
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