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Sunday 28th April at 10am

Induction of Rev Cheryl Prigg

Visit of Lenker: Rev Cheryl Nekvapil

Cheryl Prigg has been studying at the Spring Valley Seminary for over two years now, and has found the priest training course inspiring, challenging and transformative, some of you would have met her when she visited the Auckland congregation in winter 2018. Her journey has lead to this really wonderful outcome that she is to be ordained and sent to work in our Region. She is really looking forward to her new vocation and to finding her feet on southern ground again, and doing that in New Zealand.

Before setting out to do the full-time seminary training, Cheryl completed 20 years of being a class-teacher in Steiner Schools. She had completed university studies in primary teacher education, and also studied at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Teacher Seminar. Initially she taught in a Steiner stream government school in Melbourne, and then at Sophia Mundi Steiner School. Then she completed a class teacher cycle at the Orana School in Canberra. All the while, Cheryl was a member of The Christian Community – she can tell you more of that story at her induction. While teaching in Canberra, Cheryl also completed a Masters Degree in Education, and was a foundation participant in the Pro-Seminary which has been facilitated since 2013 in Sydney by Lisa Devine and Martin Samson. We all appreciate that she has studied and worked extensively out of Rudolf Steiner’s impulse, and has now fulfilled her long dreamed calling in becoming a priest of The Christian Community.

Cheryl Prigg’s induction into the Auckland congregation, and therefore into the filial congregations in New Zealand will be held in the church in Auckland on Sunday 28th April 2019.