Giving & Receiving

The Christian Community is a non-profit movement registered and incorporated in New Zealand and Australia as a charitable organisation.

The principal means by which The Christian Community gives is by way of its priests through their sacramental, pastoral and educational work. The individuals ordained to work as priests do not normally have any other work thus they rely on the goodwill of those who recognise and receive the benefit of their work.

Most members and friends of The Christian Community give a regular donation by way of an automatic bank transfer to their local congregation’s account. A sizeable portion of local giving is then conveyed to the national organisation who ensure that priests receive sufficient funding so as to meet their living and working needs, and of course the needs of their immediate family if applicable.

Monetary gifts given to The Christian Community are tax deductible according to the laws and regulation that apply from time to time and place to place. Annual receipts are issued for regular donating and single receipts for single donations.

Many individuals also recognise the need to financially make it possible for all the earthly requirements to be available.These include buildings, candles, chairs, lighting, power, and so on. These needs are met through what is placed in the collection bowl or given as a special donation at the time of a confirmation, baptism, marriage, funeral, or consultation with a priest.

Beyond the above there is a need to ensure that capital items, especially church buildings can be purchased or built and be made debt free. Thus giving to special fundraising projects and through provisions made in individual wills as a bequest are amongst the most important sources of funding within the Christian Community.

Please refer to the ‘Approach to Money’ Brochure and the Planning for the End of Earthly Life’ Brochure 
Australian version
 and the New Zealand version.

Financial Contacts

 Here is a list of the individuals responsible for local financial administration . . .
Gunther Andersson: Tel – 83916143
Genevieve Wardrop: Tel – 378 6343
Tim Bourke: Tel – 6242 9947
Benjamin Wolpert Tel – (03) 328 7526
John Graham Tel – (06) 845 2237
Kate Graves: 0413 464 997
 Gail Sherback Tel – 6219 5058
Colin Allen Tel – (07) 5441 6917
Rev. Lisa Devine Tel – (02) 9818 3193
Lesley Harrison (04) 293 3142