Finding a Spiritual Home

The person who has become disillusioned with Christianity can feel renewed through contact with The Christian Community. In many cases this begins with a sampling of the life of the community, and taking part in everything that takes place, without committing oneself. If The Christian Community becomes a strengthening source of inner renewal, then the step of becoming an active participant in the congregation will follow quite naturally.

The decision to become a formal member of The Christian Community is a further step. The timing and circumstances of this decision are individual and unique. Members are not required to subscribe to articles of faith. What is required is a sense of belonging in The Christian Community as one’s spiritual home.

Conversations with the priest help to prepare for the step into membership, and to clarify this mature, free decision, and its importance for the future. Formal membership may includes signing a membership book in the presence of a priest.

The Christian CommunityLouise Madsen, Floris Books.