This year The Christian Community will complete ninety years of being visible and active on the Earth. The founding took place in Switzerland in September 1922. As part of its inauguration, 45 men and women received consecration as priests. They became the first and original manifestation of community within this movement for religious renewal. The number of those ordained as priests through these ninety years is now approaching 800, many of whom have now passed on or retired.Regarding the individuals who have made The Christian Community a fundamental part of their lives, who could estimate their number? Certainly many thousands. And tens, if not hundreds of thousands, who have been touched by the sacraments and services and many other events within The Christian Community during these ninety years.

As we celebrate ninety years of The Christian Community it is also time to especially look to what we have now, and what we can create for the future. As individuals active on the Earth, how can we cultivate and experience true communion and community with the ‘heavenly’ dimensions of existence – and with each other? How can we give expression to religious renewal in the sense of the intention living as a fundamental task of The Christian Community?

There is much to ponder, and much to be done!