Perhaps I’m an ‘over-reader’ – I’ve read more than is good for me. As a teenager I’d get through several books a week and so it continues fifty years later. The problem is that, nowadays, it’s so rare to come across a solid engaging edifying book. The up-side is that when something solid does fall off the shelf (in this case, the local library shelf), then it’s like water at the end of a drought. The solid read in question is ‘Cosmos and Psyche’ (Penguin Group – Plume 2007).

Author, Richard Tarnas demonstrates an astoundingly vast cultural and historical knowledge throughout his book’s 492 pages. But the most astounding thing is what he does with that knowledge and the way in which he does it. To put it modestly, he demonstrates the actuality of the interdependence between earthly and heavenly events. The words ‘As Above, So Below’ are brought to life in a most thorough way – moving from individual biographical phenomena through social, scientific, religious and whole-world phenomena – and a lot more. For some who read it, it could inspire a new way of looking at the world.

One reviewer says: “This is the closest my head has been to exploding while reading a book” (Mary Hynes, CBC Tapestry) – phrases from other reviewers include: “… an epoch-making work, a passionate, brilliant, luminous book, breathtaking in the scope and scale of its vision, … and so on.” You’ve probably read book accolades before and then been disappointed. Likely not on this occasion. But some fortitude will be needed if you take it on. It’s a long and condensed read. It’s bound to be very well worth the journey – and a journey it most certainly is!

If you are looking for a solid and rewarding read, this is it. But watch out! – your view of the world just might change.

(Please note that Richard Tarnas is one of several notable contributors to the about to be published volume from Floris Books: “A New Renaissance”. It’s due out any day now.)

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