Our artist in congregation, Peter Stewart, can shape up a 7 circuit labyrinth in about an hour, with a little help from the rest of us. A big old gum tree was reduced to a pile of chip outside our chapel, then Peter came with a length of rope and a sheet of paper inscribed with a labyrinth, and an ho

ur later with the help of three assistants, the labyrinth had been transcribed on the ground with wood chip.

We stepped back and looked at the form.”It is a cosmic inscription” — we nodded because that’s exactly what we saw. It was, and it still is, not yet washed away by the rain, or dispersed by the growing grass and passing pedestrians. It is a divine form, translated by an artist into an earthly reality.

Like an Andy Goldsworthy landscape sculpture, the form is materialised from the elements of nature and totally exposed to them. This one will only remain when we care for it and markit more definitely into the earth through our human activity, through an impulse of the spirit. This we intend to do. We will walk it, use it, and practise the form. What a challenging exercise of the spirit we have set ourselves!

Posted by Cheryl Nekvapil

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