One of the interesting phenomena of our Time is that the word ‘Christ’ and any form of objective reality about what we call The Mystery of Golgotha is being sidelined in human consciousness. While a lot of language and understanding shifts to a very wonderful theme of Christ Consciousness, the very event that precipitated our availing of this faculty is being questioned. In fact between the two extremes of what might be called a liberal spirituality and the more hard core atheistic materialistic sciences the objective reality of the spiritual world is forced into a corner of either non attention or deep denial. Many people are very comfortable with spirituality being a personal experience of the numinous or completely deny the possibility of any supersensible reality being there.
There is a more moderate swing within the atheist community epitomized in the work of Alain De Botton who has just published a new book called Religion for Atheists. This book shows the atheistic community wanting, and expressing, a need for the finer aspects of what institutional religion has offered in the past: wisdom, architecture, art, sacred space and even sermons. T is in Alain’s words his appropriating the community aspect of religion for a secular society. And people love it. They nurture the soul life without having to deny or fight against the doctrines that no longer seem real or appropriate. On the other side the spiritual people strive for experiences that lead them to a better life but in many ways often bring the effects back to bio-chemical or personal psychic experience and the reality of an objective evil or good in the world are reduced to the human factor in the world. Evil happens when good people do nothing!
This is true, but it distracts us from having to grapple with an ongoing history and biography of the spiritual world. How do you feel about the spiritual world being an objective one? How do you feel about your own human soul and activity being the field of action, within your own responsibility, for this world? This is not a plea for us to think we are machines of the spirit; far rather it is a call to consider the unique role of the human being as co creative children of god.
Too this field of interactivity between god and the human being comes the thought that the Mystery of Golgotha, or in more simple terms the being we call Christ, has always grown with the evolution of human consciousness. As we evolve so too does god. This is a very far reaching thought as it implies that god’s well being is in our care and the way we can read the health of god is the way we look to our body and the body of the earth. Since the resurrection this deeply intimate relationship between Christ and human self has become more apparent and therefore also more questionable. It was easy hen god was transcendent and we awaited a saviour. Now we need to take on the deep realization of Christ in us! This puts the forces of transformation and resurrection into our hands and hearts. The resurrection today is dependent upon us awakening our response to this lofty task.