Perspectives – Quarterly Magazine of the Christian Community 

‘Meeting Death’  compiled by Sue Vos

“Embracing Death” & “Experiences with the Dying and the Dead”  by Susan Vos

The Canberra Community is making available Claire Blatchford’s book: “Experiences with the Dying and the Dead”* as an ‘audio-book’ read and produced by Sue Vos. If you would like to receive the CD loaded with the mp3 files or the 4-CD Set for listening on a CD player, please contact Cheryl Nekvapil

*At the age of six, Claire Blatchford lost her hearing. As she grew accustomed to her new state of being in the world, she developed a new inner perception. “Experiences with the Dying and the Dead” is a remarkable book that uses a series of personal stories to explore the threshold between life and death.

Sue Vos’s web site is: