When the first Waldorf schools were founded in Germany there were a number of very inspired people working around Rudolf Steiner and his work of spiritual science or Anthroposphy as it has become known. One of these was a man called Emil Bock who was a co-founder of The Christian Community under Rudolf Steiners spiritual guidance. Rudolf Steiner spoke of Bock and said it was his destiny to write Spiritual science and anthroposphy into Christian theology. So it may be approriate to look at some of the ideas Bock has on Easter. The following passage is taken from his book The Rhythm of the Christian Year; Renewing the Religious Cycle of Festivals.“In four sentences, we can try to express the Easter mystery which, on the hwole, is still obscured today:
The deity did not create the world from outside but from within. This refers to the original creation of the world.
The world fell ill and deteriorated not from outside but from within. this was the Fall.
The healing of the world does not take place from outside but from within. This is the meaning of the Mystery of Golgotha.
The new creation of the world does not occur from outside but from within. This is what we are involved in through the annual observance of the Easter festival.

We are relied upon as the coworkers of God regarding the future of the world.

Paul speaks of creation groaning in travail. At Easter, we may speak of the rejoicing of all creatures. Still, not as something that comes by itself. For Paul says in the same sentence that creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the Children of God, and this means, nature awaits the human being. It is quite correct to coin these words in the following way: the kingdoms of creation wait with longing for the Children of God finally to shine forth among human beings. not until we have paid the innermost sacred tribute to nature by offering up to her the radiance of the Christ-being, do we have the right to be gladdened by Easter. The essential word of good Friday is: ‘Christ in us.’ By comparison, the essential Easter word is: ‘We in Christ’, For then, he who is greater than we, is in us. He is in us and at the same time around us, because he radiates out of us. When we learn during the time of Easter to say ‘We in Christ’, then all around us, through the love-emanation of out heart, a new creation comes about.”

In the broadest possible sense does The Christian Community embrace the concept of Christ as the Sun God, spoken of in all traditions, as the power of the Higher Self that has entered Human Consciousness. We understand the Easter festival to reflect the path of the sun into a new cosmic year at the March Equinox and celebrates, in community, with people who have begun to realize that they are Children of God; those that are born of the Divine within themselves. This goes beyond tradition or religious affiliation, even if we need to work on finding common language between traditions.